Inside Historical Winchester

Winchester, VA is full of such rich history that is passed by without recognition everyday. Several of those spots are featured below, and hopefully, you’ll learn something and gain a greater appreciation for your city. 

Quiz developed by Riley Creamer, Gifted Independent Study (GIS) student at James Wood High School as part of a mentorship with the City's Communications Department.

Quiz #1:

This may seem like the ceiling of a church, however worship isn’t what happens here. Can you guess where this is?

Rouss Fire Hall

ANSWER: The ceiling pictured is in the gym in Rouss Fire Hall, at Braddock Street and Boscawen Street. The building formerly featured a small chapel on the upper level that has been converted into a workout space for the firefighters who serve there. Don’t you wish your gym looked like that?

Rouss Fire Station

Quiz #2:

It’s obvious that what’s pictured is a vault, but what isn’t obvious is its location. What Winchester basement houses this historical icon?


ANSWER: The vault in the picture is located on the lower level of John Handley High School. During World War II, the vault was used to store works of art, each of which is replicated in the gallery on the main level of the school today.

John Handley High School

Quiz #3

You’ll have an easier time recognizing this location if you’ve been reading your history books…

ANSWER: This is the glass floor on the second level of the Handley Library. When the library, built in 1913, is being renovated, the glass panels are removed for cleaning, leaving just the outline on the floor. Because of the unique shape of each panel, it took special care and attention to replace them each time. Take a look next time you visit our local library.

Handley Library

Quiz #4: 

While this may look like a scene from a horror film, it’s actually the attic of one of the well-known buildings in Winchester.


ANSWER: This is the attic of Rouss City Hall. Since becoming the office of City officials in 1901, the building has been renovated once in 1986, and has plans to be renovated again soon. Take a look at the top of the building next time you drive by- that’s where this tall, wooden staircase is, in the attic. 

Rouss City Hall