Charles Broadway Rouss

Charles Rouss

Charles Broadway Rouss

Born: February 11, 1836 in Woodville, MD

Died: March 3, 1902 in New York City. Buried in Mount Hebron Cemetery in Winchester.

Parents: Peter Hoke Rouss and Belinda Baltzell

Married: Margaret Keenan on August 26, 1858 in Winchester

Children: Charles Hoke Baltzell Rouss, Virginia
Duane Lee, Peter Winchester Rouss

Who was Charles Broadway Rouss?

Charles Broadway Rouss was born to Peter H. Rouss and Belinda Baltzell near Woodville, MD on February 11, 1836. In 1841 his family moved to Berkeley County, WV and in 1849 purchased a farm called Runnymeade. He attended school at Winchester Academy.

In 1851 Rouss took a job with Jacob Senseny in his general store, and remained there until 1854 when, at age 18, he opened his own store. In 1862, he moved his business to Richmond. In 1866, he went to New York and continued to go deeper into debt until 1875 when he was imprisoned for debt. Success later found Rouss as he opened a chain of retail stores in 1890 selling discounted goods that other stores considered stale. He also published the “Rouss Auction Trade Journal”.

Rouss gave generously to Winchester and other towns and relief projects during his life, to include partially funding the construction of Rouss City Hall. He died on March 3, 1902.