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Opening a business?

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  • Zoning Use Permits:
ZU Permit Online Form PDF Form
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Installing a fence?

A zoning fence permit is required before a fence or wall can be installed in the city limits. Click here for more information.

Developing your property?

Click the button below for the development checklist.

Development checklist
NOTE: Planning and Zoning staff strongly suggest an applicant proposing any one of the following projects consult with City staff before formally submitting an application.

Is your property located in the Corridor Enhancement District?

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  • Corridor Enhancement District Application - Download
  • Summary Matrix of Regulations - Download
  • About Corridor Enhancement (CE) Districts - View

Is your property located in a Historic District?

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Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) Application - BAR Download
Historic Building Plaque Application Download
Historic Building Plaque Guidelines Download
About Historic Districts View

Ordinance Sec. 6-28 - Building permits are required for certain work in Historic Winchester zoning district.

A building permit shall be required for any construction involving the replacement of roofing, siding, or windows for structures located within the Historic Winchester zoning district. Any such permit required shall not be issued by the Building Official until all requisite zoning approvals have been issued by the Board of Architectural Review or Zoning Administrator. (Ord. No. 2016-10, 3-22-16)

Building code reference - USBC Section 108.2

Subdividing property, assembling property, shifting property lines, or creating an easement?

Subdivision packet, includes the following:

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Recordation Notice Download
Subdivision Application Download
Minor Subdivision Brochure Download
Major Subdivision Brochure Download
Subdivision Checklist Download

Expanding or converting an existing use?
Creating a new use that is considered a by-right use in your zoning district?

Site Plan packet, includes the following:

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Site Plan Application Download
Site Plan Brochure Download
Site Plan Checklist Download
Proportional Improvements Worksheet Download
Approved Tree List Download

Is the new use you want to pursue allowed in your zoning district but as a Conditional Use?

Conditional Use packet, includes the following:

  • Conditional Use Application - Download
  • Conditional Use FAQ - View

Is the new use you want not a by-right or conditional use in your zoning district?

Rezoning Packet, includes the following:

Requesting a variance or exception of a regulation of the Zoning Ordinance, or filing an appeal of a zoning determination?

  • Board of Zoning Appeals - Variance application - Download
  • Board of Zoning Appeals - Appeal of Zoning Determination application - Download

Want to change a regulation in the Zoning Ordinance or Subdivision Ordinance?

  • Zoning Ordinance Amendment Application - Download

Want to operate an AirBnB, Homeshare or Short Term Rental out of your home?

  • Requirements - View

Need a permit for an outdoor dining area, portable sign, outdoor display of merchandise or as an outdoor vendor?

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Old Town Outdoor Dining Guides Download
Use Permit Application Download
Use Permit Renewal Application Download
Hold Harmless Agreement Download

Holding a temporary event, use or storage?

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Donation Box Download
Mobile Unit Permit Download
Special Event Application Download
Temporary Use Permit Download

Want to operate a mobile food establishment or food truck on private property?

Requesting a zoning determination or zoning confirmation?

  • Zoning Determination/Confirmation Request Form - Online Form |  Download PDF
  • Submit completed form and fee to: Zoning Administrator, Rouss City Hall, 15 N. Cameron Street, Third Floor, Winchester, VA 22601


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Administrative Telecommunications Permit - Minor Modification to Existing Facility Download
Certificate of Occupancy Guide and Checklist Download
Citizen Complaint Form / Excessive Occupancy Questionnaire Download
Fee Schedule Download
Graffiti Removal Techniques Download
Minimum Zoning Standards (Setbacks/Yards) Download
Over Occupancy Brochure  Download
Right of Way Vacation Application Download
Tax Confirmation Form Download
Underground Utility Waiver Download